Holly Springs Fire District Information

Quick Facts

  • District Type: Special Purpose established in 1972.
  • Covered Area: 30 square miles in the mid-western portion of Spartanburg County located between Lyman, Greer, Campobello, Inman and Landrum.
  • Population: Approximately 9,600.
  • Funding: Property Tax Levy, Grants, Private Donations and Fund Raising Activities.
  • Services: Fire Protection, Fire Prevention and Education, Extrication, First Response, Low Angle Rescue and Water Rescue.
  • Members: Combination of paid part-time and volunteer personnel providing continuous around-the-clock protection.
  • Equipment: 3 Engine Companies, 1 Tanker Company, 1 Rescue/Service Company, 1 Light Rescue/Brush Truck, 2 Support Trucks, 1 Command Vehicle and 1 Water Rescue Craft.

District History

Prior to 1972 the citizens of the farm community of Holly Springs relied on three options in the event of a fire. Number one, contacting a nearby city Fire Department that was willing to leave their town limits, calling one of the local peach farmers to bring their water truck, or watching their home burn. Either way, the fire protection was substandard and ineffective. Eventually the citizens banded together, aided by the local Ruritan Club, and began forming the first fire department to cover the areas of Western Spartanburg County that was not located within any city limit. This was inspired after several homes burned in the growing area. After assistance from our local Representatives the Piedmont Rural Fire District was formed with only one 1960 model three-quarter ton military pickup. This truck contained a 300 gallon tank, small gallon per minute (gpm) pump, and an ordinary garden hose which burst on its very first call.

The department bought a portable dump tank and tanker so the department could shuttle water over long distances. The tanker and dump tank were sold in the Spring of 2004 after 22 years of service. At the time, only 9 hydrants serviced the entire 30 square mile fire district.

The department officially began responding to fires in 1975 and the name was then legally changed to the Holly Springs Volunteer Fire Department. A station was constructed at the location of Hwy 357 & Holly Springs road. Prior to this, the trucks were housed at the department Chief's own garage. The equipment by this time was three military units that were built in volunteer's garages. Money was hard to come by and the department was very creative in fund raising. In 1977 the department managed to raise enough money to afford its first pumper at a cost of $48,000.00. This was a Ford/Beam unit and is still in operation today. The ISO rating then dropped to a class 8/9. A Ford Tanker with portable dump tank was purchased in 1982 and the rating then improved to a class 7/9.

In 2010, after months of turmoil surrounding the Department, the citizens of the District voted to begin electing their Fire Commission Board members. In 2011, after a heavily contested race the first elected board was chosen and seated. This immediately brought needed changes to the Department starting a new era in its history.

Today the department is one of the finest in the state and has a rating of 4/9 with some 20 active firefighters. A 13,300 sq. ft. facility now houses the Department and a paid staff now provides coverage. Working with the Boy Scots of America, the Department sponsors the HSVFD Explorers Program designed to teach qualifying youth various fundamental duties and techniques of the Fire Service. This program is well received with six current members. Many additional improvements have been added through the years since we have been founded and many more will come as we continue to grow to meet the community’s needs.

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