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If you are a High School student aged 14 years or older and:

  • Have an interest in Fire Operations and Emergency Services;
  • Possess a desire to serve your community;
  • Want to experience real life situations more than computer simulations;
  • Want to be a part of something larger than yourself;
  • Have a need to learn team-building and to belong to that team;
  • Have leadership skills or want to learn about leadership and responsibility?

If so, then we have just the program for you. Our Junior Firefighter program is administered under the guidelines provided by the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life series of activities. These activities are designed to give interested youth the necessary practical experience and knowledge to assist them in determining possible life career opportunities. As High School provides you with enough knowledge to pursue more education or to exist in the world, this program exposes you to real-world training and experience that comes from more than books and lectures. So, just what do we offer you and what can you expect from becoming a member of this organization?

  • Exposure to the inner workings of a very active Volunteer Fire Department:
    • Observe how local government operates and manages the proper operations of the Department.
    • Actively participate in training events and learn how fire operations are conducted.
    • Receive hands-on training on all equipment and how it is employed and maintained.
    • Learn the training and education needed to become a fully qualified fire fighter.
  • A better understanding of the importance of the Fire Service to community and citizens.
  • Achieve a level of training to earn your own "turn out" gear and respond to situations where you will provide certain operations in support of the overall effort.
  • Be a part of and serve with some of the highest quality people in the community.
  • Establish relationships with people who can be of great help in future endeavors.
  • Observe and learn real leadership principles in a real operational environment.
  • Achieve an understanding of what commitment is and how important taking responsibility is in all facets of life.
  • EARN the respect of fellow fire fighters, members of the community and, most importantly, realize how much you now respect yourself.

Whether you want to pursue a career in the Fire Service should not be the deciding factor in joining this organization! Re-read the above and realize the life lessons you will learn which will directly benefit you and your future. Experience the satisfaction of not only being part of an elite organization but knowing that you have what it takes to succeed...while realizing that your peers may not have these type abilities. This is yet another life lesson learned early and not later. Are you the kind of individual ruled by your own mind and drive or one who bases personal decisions on the acceptance of the group? It's just a question to ponder -- deeply.

Want to talk more about this or need more information? Then call the Station 848-4107 or email Andrew Turner with questions or to setup an appointment. All appointments/interviews must be attended by at least one parent. We look forward to hearing from you!

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