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Holly Springs Volunteer Fire Department Training

There is so much more to being a Firefighter than spraying water onto a fire. The physical requirements are demanding and the working environment is treacherous. Firefighting is a science that requires the ability for the working fireman to apply tested and proven procedures and learn, sometimes, complicated techniques while using employing sound judgement. In today's world, firemen are also qualified medical first responders who aid and assist people until more qualified personnel arrive which can be minutes or much longer. Unlike Firemen of yesteryear, today's Firefighter must be an engineer, technician, tactically efficient and much, much more. Below are some categories of training our professionals must master with a short description of each.

  • Equipment Familiarization:
  • *ESA-Burn:
  • Driver Training & Operations:
  • Pump/Drafting Operations:
  • Medical:
  • Ladders:
  • *ESA-RIT:
  • Ropes & Knots:
  • Ropes & Systems:
  • Hose Testing:
  • Farm Medic:
  • Water Rescue:
  • Extrication:
  • Foam Applications:
  • Winter Operations:

*Denotes Emergency Service Academy

This page is being revised...Check back soon

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