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Want to serve your community, friends and neighbors? Have a special skill that would help the Department become even more efficient? Volunteerism goes to the core of our American values...freely giving of yourself for the betterment and benefit of others. Do you have what it takes to be a firefighter? The standards are high but the duty is fulfilling. Below are a few facts about volunteer firefighters:

  • Nationally, fire strikes on an average of every 23 seconds. That is a lot of fires. Now, factor in all the other calls that fire departments respond to for an idea of the workload. In fact, review the call log page on this site to see the type and nature of calls we respond to! Want to help us out?
  • When fire or emergencies occur there is a high probability that the first person on the scene will be a volunteer.
  • Volunteers comprise 71% of all firefighters in America. Do you have what it takes?
  • Of the some 33,000 fire departments in our country 69% are all volunteer departments and 17% mostly volunteers.
  • Without volunteer departments, we would not have the emergency services provided by our Department and the expense for these services from surrounding areas would be prohibitive. In addition to saving and protecting life and property, our volunteers save government operating budgets, at all levels, much needed and scarce money which helps keep your taxes lower.

Interested? Then read the requirements for joining our elite Department:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Reside within three miles of the district fire line.
  • Maintain a 15% average for responding to calls, attending meetings and training events.
  • Be dedicated to adhering to your training schedule.
  • Maintain a neat and clean appearance and conduct yourself with the utmost decorum in public.
  • Successfully complete a criminal background check. The following are disqualifying conditions (exceptions noted).
    • Criminal felony convictions or any type conviction for arson. No Exception!
    • Incidents involving convictions for theft, fraud, domestic disturbances, false incident reporting and other criminal convictions as determined by the Board of Commissioners shall not be considered for employment. Exception: Some circumstances may be waived by the Commission upon request and justification by the applicant.
  • Submit an application and supporting documents and complete the interview process.

So, What's In It For You?

  • Prestige! Membership in a highly skilled and professional organization serving with some of best, most honorable people this community has to offer.
  • Receive compensation for duties performed including attending training events and actual emergencies.
  • Enjoy the benefits offered by the SC Firefighters Association:
    • Credit Union membership.
    • Additional Life and Disability Insurance.
    • Become eligible for educational scholarships and tuition assistance.
  • Department furnished uniforms, badge, pager and turnout gear.
  • Qualify for a $3,000.00 South Carolina tax incentive.
  • Group rates on Life Insurance.
  • Banking incentives including lower mortgage rates.
  • Competitive opportunity to progress in rank.
  • Unlimited use of HSFD fitness equipment and facilities.
  • Earn recognition awards and service pins.
  • Most importantly, the feeling of accomplishment achieved by helping others.

View or download an application

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